Celebrate the Traditional Look of Iron Baby Cribs with Modern Saftey Features


If you are like many expectant parents these days, you absolutely love the look of the traditional iron cribs our parents, and their parents slept in and would like to create that same vintage feeling in your baby’s nursery.  Sadly, vintage cribs, while stunning to look at, often do not hold up to modern safety standards.  Vintage cribs can often be less sturdy than you would like (thanks to the wear and tear of the years), and can also have issues ranging from too wide spaces between crib bars, to lead based paint.  All of these safety concerns mean a crib that may look amazing, but alas, is not safe enough for your little one.

Luckily with our wide selection of iron baby cribs, you can have everything you love in the look of a vintage crib with all the modern safety features you need to keep baby safe.  Corsican Iron Furniture, the maker of most our iron baby cribs, has been manufacturing and custom making quality iron furniture for well over four decades, making Jack and Jill Boutique proud to be able to offer this stunning line to all our customers.

Whether your tastes lean towards traditional, whimsical, elegant, or pure fairy tale–Jack and Jill Boutique and Corsican iron baby cribs have your preferences covered.  The Classic Iron Crib harks back to a bygone era of beautiful simplicity.  This Victorian reminiscent crib comes in several choices of hand applied finishes and can accent so many nursery themes.  The Logan Iron Crib, likewise is well suited for numerous nursery themes.

If you have your heart set on a fairy tale theme with an iron crib as the focal point, look no further than the Pumpkin Iron Canopy Crib for the perfect Cinderella themed crib.  Also popular for your fairy tale themed nursery are the stunning Princess Iron Canopy Crib and the Aurora Iron Canopy Crib.  Simply choose the perfect finish to accent your bedding and  decor!

Looking for some whimsy in your nursery theme?  The Cat and the Fiddle Iron Canopy Crib can delight your precious one with dreams full of nursery tales, fiddle playing cats and cows jumping over the moon.  The sweet Bunnies Iron Poster Crib will also lull your baby with friendly and fluffy bunnies perched on each post!  This crib is also available as a canopy crib.

European, or nature themes work wonderfully with the elegant Versailles Garden Iron Crib, complete with delicate birds, branches and berries, all with a distinctly European flair.  Another perfect crib to complement your nursery’s nature theme, with it’s twining vines and canopy of softly hued flowers is the Blossom Iron Canopy Crib.

You can also choose the new Bratt Decor Parisian crib which has just been unveiled.

When shopping for the ideal, safe iron baby crib for your nursery, contact us at Jack and Jill Boutique.  Let us help you find everything you need for the perfect nursery–from iron baby cribs to furniture, bedding and so much more!

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